Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Chupacabra Dogs

This is the third news report I've seen about this animal over the past three years. I'm calling it the "Texas Chupacabra" as at least the most recent two reports involved livestock disturbances that echo the Chupacabra reports out of Central and South America.

Or maybe "Chupacabra Dog" since it looks to be canine-related. Naw, that makes me picture a goat-sucker-on-a-stick, like a "Chupacabra Dog" is something you'd order at the state fair. Trust me, if you saw one of these things, you wouldn't want to eat, not even on a stick.

It looks a lot like a dog, but with a dark blueish-grey skin (no or little fur), and completely wrong proportions. The ears and head are a bit like a chihuahua, but it's big, with a really large and lanky body, and in some cases disproportionately large canine teeth. It may be a mutant coyote, some sort of inbred wild version of the Mexican Hairless Dog, possibly a new species related to one or both of the above, a blood-sucking alien fiend, or it might just be a relatively mundane chihuahua-greyhound crossbreed with a bad case of mange. The truth is out there.

Three were found as roadkill in Cuero, Texas in 2007. One was killed when a family in Blanco, TX, put down poison in their barn to kill whatever had been attacking their livestock in 2009. Now in 2010, there's two shot to death within a week of each other in different locations in Hood County, TX.

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I love how at the end of the video he oddly asserts that we'll know for certain whether or not it's a Chupacabra once the DNA tests come back. I find that amusing. I mean, if it's just a dog, the tests could show that. But if it's a Chupacabra... I mean it's not like we have Chupacabra DNA on file somewhere, do we? Do we? Na, that'd be silly.

As I said this is the third such report I've seen, over the past 3 years. Before that was the Elmendorf Beast, a very similar body found (also in Texas) in 2004, but I've only read wikipedia on it, so I can't say how closely it actually resembles the more recent critters.

Yet, this latest report (and the one from last year) make no mention of the previous carcasses or events. In fact, if memory serves correctly, all three reports have ended by saying that we're waiting on DNA tests to tell us what it is. Either they're dogs, in which case the third report/incident should mention the previous two cases turned out to be dogs, ...or the previous cases were something other than dogs, and it's suddenly big news. Makes you wonder why they haven't mentioned this.

Me, I suspect there's a real chupacabra out there, carefully framing wild dogs. Here we are calling these poor ugly dogs monsters, when the truth is they're the victims. One of these days we'll catch El Chup red-handed, planting a dead dog at the scene.

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